Proposal for a bike ride with a purpose

I’d like to propose a bike ride to take place on 10/10/10 – preferably
at 10 o’clock!

The climate change organisation has teamed up with 10:10 to
get people to do constructive work parties to combat/highlight climate
change. You can read more about this here:

The point of our bike ride would be to follow selected routes on the
Ipswich Cycle map and feedback to a central document. We might for
example, use the crowdsourcing software provided by
which was developed for disasters and emergencies but which can easily
be used for other purposes. (You could well argue that climate change
is a disaster, of course.)

The document could then be used to lobby IBC and SCC/HA to fund and
organise improvements.

We could meet in the centre of Ipswich and then split into twos and
threes and each group could ride a pre-agreed route. The point of the
crowdsourcing would be to upload problem areas of routes to a map from
our mobiles. We could also supply a questionnaire for those who prefer
that. I haven’t tried the software as yet.

I have talked to the Transition Ipswich Transport Group about this and
I’m sure that some people from there will support it.

Please let me know if there is any enthusiasm for this project. I
would need at least a couple of other people who are keen to get it
organised. I was involved in organising the Transition
Ipswich bike ride last year but I still consider myself to be a rookie
in these matters!

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I hope no-one minds me putting this up as a proposal. It’s just that so far. It’s not a Transition thing, just something I feel is important. If you are willing to help, please contact me through the Cycle Ipswich Google group where this message is also posted,


Hi Rona
I assume that CI folk routinely monitor the quality of cycle paths/lanes and road surface/layout safety, and report problems when they see them. But I think it would be great to have a coordinated blitz on 10/10. Good publicity for CI too! Count me in!
Cheers, Steve

Hi, I would really liked to get involved in a bike ride on 10:10, however my involvement would also include 3 small children also. Splitting up into groups of two or three to do an audit of cycle routes would be worthwhile, but would exclude me from taking part.

Hi Rick

The bike ride is now planned for 2pm to 4pm on 10/10/10.

How you ride is entirely flexible – and self-selecting. I’m hoping people will team up in small groups and help each other. I don’t know how easy it will be to survey some of a route with small children in tow.

Obviously we cannot take responsibility for people’s safety. If you want to bring your children that’s up to you. I hope you’ll be able to participate and will find it fun!

More details of the ride are now available on the website – just set the map to Ipswich.

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