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Take action: Support Suffolk’s new walking and cycling schemes

Suffolk County Council are interested in hearing people’s view on the new walking and cycling proposals. Details of the proposed schemes are available on the Suffolk County Council website.

You can send your feedback and additional idea to Suffolk County Council by emailing Cycle Ipswich are also interested in hearing people’s ideas via our usual contact channels.

2020-06-09 Wellesley Road Barriers
2020-06-09 Wellesley Road Barriers

Cycle Ipswich are keen that as many of the schemes are implemented as possible, with a push for further improvements where appropriate, for example expanding road closures to cover a whole area between 2 main roads to prevent rat running between main roads, creating a full quieter neighbourhood similar to the GoDutch scheme in Waltham Forrest in London.

Some councillors have expressed an interest in hearing people’s views too, so also send them a copy of the email. You can find out your local councillors by using writetothem, or the council websites.

Consultation Survey

Take action: Upper Orwell Crossing Consultation

Suffolk County Council are currently consulting on the proposal for 3 new crossings in Ipswich on the River Orwell. Cycle Ipswich would like as many people as possible to respond to this consultation, particularly noting the importance of cycle crossings, and protected cycle tracks, without cyclists and pedestrians having to share space, on any crossing which has motor vehicles.

You can take part in the survey on the Suffolk County Council website.

There are a variety of staffed public exhibitions from Sunday 3rd July until Friday 22 July. Details of the exhibitions are on the SCC website.

There are also two threads on our Google group about this. There is also a thread on Cyclescape.


ATOC cycle-rail users survey

The number of cycle-rail users is growing each year and so it’s important that the Association of Train Operating Companies, understand how best to provide you with helpful information when you’re planning a rail journey with a cycle.
They want to make your cycle-rail journey as simple as possible with the view to clarify information around station cycle facilities, hire schemes nearby and cycle restrictions on board trains.

Take their short survey which will take between 10-15 minutes to complete. As a thank you for your time all completed surveys will be entered into a free prize draw where four lucky winners will win £25 worth of Amazon gift vouchers each.

The survey and prize draw will close on 31st January. Details of how to enter can be found at the end of the survey.

The survey link is:

Election Survey

Candidates’ responses to a survey about walking and cycling in Ipswich

Five candidates have taken time to answer questions about walking and cycling infrastructure in Ipswich. They made clear to me that decisions about highways is out of their hands as it is Suffolk County Council business, and the councillors’ remit mainly lies within influencing planning permissions.

Here are the main points that came across:

1.Why Ipswich is a town worth living in: Outdoor spaces were mentioned a lot “lovely parks especially christchurch park” (Inga Lockington, Lib Dem), “lovely parks and the quay” (Lee Reynolds, Conservative), “surrounding countryside…still close to…  London and Cambridge (Nadia Cenci, Conservative)

2.Support of Space4Cycling: is mostly supported. Edward Phillips and Lee Reynolds (both Conservative) support it. Inga Lockington(LibDem)would not support the closure of residential roads for through traffic,as this would only push the problem elsewhere and congest other roads nearby. Nadia Cenci (Conservative) does not prioritize cycling as such, but would support anything that enhances health and enjoyment and is value for money.

3. Improvements/Deterioration so far:

Nadia Cenci (Conservatives) thinks that footpaths open to the public are abundant, but potholes are an issue for cyclists

Edward Phillips (Conservatives) states that only minor improvements on traffic lights, advanced stop lines and extra cycling lanes in some places have been implemented so far.

LibDem Inga Lockington admits that there have been some pavements relaid but a lot still needs to be done.

4. What would they improve when elected:

John Cook(Labour):highway issues are with County Council,but sees opportunity for improvement through borough’s role in planning permissions (newbuild and developments on the Northern fringe

Nadia Cenci(Conservatives) would encourage parents to walk and not drive children to school. She also would continue working with County Council to tackle potholes

Edward Phillips(Conservatives) would push for safe cycling facilities when roads are improved.

Lee Reynolds(Conservatives) suggests to try and stagger out the school run by varying schools’opening and closing times to avoid mass traffic

Inga Lockington(LibDem) sees planning permissions as a good start to improve things


5.Danger points in Ipswich

Inga Lockington(LibDem) : Tuddenham Road and Henley Road, esp. at the junction to Belvedere Road and at the right turn into Anglesea Road

John Cook(Labour): the one way system between Duke Street and Novotel roundabout; the subways crossing Civic Drive when esp when nobody is around

Edward Phillips(Conservative): Norwich Road beyond Valley Road roundabouts

Lee Reynolds(Walkable and cyclable Ipswich, some candidates’ responses to the survey

Conservative): Cardinal Park roundabout


6. Suggestions for improvements, interest in improving certain areas:

Inga Lockington (LibDem) would love to see a pedestrian and cyclists’ bridge east of Stokebridge. She says that the past plans for a Tesco would have come with an improvement budget. She also mentions that the new block of flats “must have taken pedestrians, cyclists and cars in consideration”. We might be able to get more information from her.

Lee Reynolds (Conservatives) and Edward Phillips (Conservatives) both think improvement of Cardinal Park roundabout area is needed.

John Cook (Labour) is happy to be lobbied about improvements in Futura Park shopping Centre

Lee Reynolds(Conservatives) says that more can be done for cyclists at Futura Park.


Lee Reynolds (Conservatives) encourages businesses to invest in safe bike parking.His company does.


Please click here for the full survey:



Cycle Ipswich member survey 2010

We are pleased to present the report on the 2010 Cycle Ipswich member survey.

Click here to download the survey report in PDF format.


Cycle Ipswich Survey 2010

We’ve decided to undertake a member survey, to find out more about our
membership base, in terms of demographics, interests, cycle use etc.

It should take you less than 5 minutes to complete. You can remain
anonymous if you prefer.

I will share the results at the next Cycle Ipswich meeting. The survey will be close on 27th May 2010


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