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Default 20mph Suffolk County Council motion

Would you like to see 20mph as the default speed limit in built up areas within Suffolk? If so, it’s worth emailing your county councillor regarding a motion on this proposal at the next Suffolk County Council meeting on Thursday 22nd October 2020.

Committee agenda and minutes

Lib Dem, Green, and Independent Group announcement

You can find their county councillors at write to them.

One reply on “Default 20mph Suffolk County Council motion”


And more to the point, nor do the cyclists, who don’t appear to exist in any greater numbers now than they did before lockdown.

All of the various lockdown temporary cycle blockages should also be removed. They are now creating greater hold ups and therefore more pollution. This is worse for the health of homeowners who live on main roads now being host to new levels of stationary traffic and for the environment generally.

Unlike Norwich with its radial roads of boulevard proportions, which can accommodate modifications, or planned cycle utopias such as some (not all) cities in the Netherlands, Ipswich is a cramped old town with narrow roads, a housing stock with very little space for off-road parking and not conducive to modifying to suit cyclists. I’m afraid that is the reality, however much one might wish for it to be otherwise. Those who wish to get their exercise from cycling would be well advised to take their bikes to a proper safe space, such as Orwell Park.

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