Did you know that this group uses the Cyclescape platform to log and track issues using map technology?

This gives us a place for discussion and exchange of ideas, so that we can identify where best to improve the experience of cycling in Ipswich.

Visit to register and find out more.


June 2014 meeting

Our June meeting is on Thursday 5th June at the offices of ITO World at 25 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich. New members are always welcome.

At this meeting we will be reviewing the responses to our questionnaire from the candidates for the Local and EU elections; hearing back on progress on the meetings with Suffolk County Council engineers and making plans for Bike Week 2014.



April meeting


March Meeting

The next meeting of Cycle Ipswich will take place on Thursday 13th March from 7.30pm to 9pm at ITO World, 25 Lower Brook St, Ipswich, Suffolk IP4 1AQ.

We will be discussing the groups draft constitution and Play Streets.

Bicycle maintenance

Looking after your chain

Bike ChainI cycle all year around, every working day for my commute to work and also for leisure at the weekends. So I am particularly vulnerable to winter weather – my bike probably more so. A couple of weeks ago I noted that my road bike chain had “already” started to rust, which I thought was premature for the season. So I posted to our group for advice on how to prevent a rusty chain. The responses were so comprehensive that I thought I should share them here.

Andrew suggested following Mick’s tips to ‘Mickle thy chain’. See which itself is a box of delights.

The legendary Kevin Abblitt, who is Ipswich’s own Bicycle Doctor had a more comprehensive response, suggesting that on the topic of chain and transmission care, that nothing divides opinion quite so much!

Kevin explains the needs to clean chains

“I am not fond of techniques which strip out the lubrication from the internal surfaces of the chain parts. Its very hard to get lube back in there without removing the chain and soaking in oil. The only place you need oil is where the internal surface of the chain roller runs on the rivet and from there the oil can migrate to the hinge area of the inner and outer link plates.

There are some very good chains which have surface treatment to prevent rust eg nickel plating. kmc chains are excellent, they make chains which are then repackaged as other brands.”


Kevin says “I recommends regular and thorough cleaning, especially when the weather is wet.

Regards lubrication a little and often of a traditional mineral cycle oil will be fine and shouldn’t cost much. Towel the chain dry and remove as much as possible of the dirt. Drop the back wheel out and use the edge of a towel to clean between the cassette sprockets. Clean the jockey wheels and the derailleur cages. Oil derailleur pivots (10 points). Remove rear section of outer casing from rear derailleur cable by engagaing low gear, release shifter tension and unhook (no need to undo clamp bolt) and clean and lube, then reassemble. Do the same for the front derailleur.

In all cases above wipe off excess lube with a clean towel to avoid dirt magnet syndrome (DMS). If you follow this each day after work you will not have time to get up to any mischief.

Alternately change to hub gears with a full chain case !

Alternately ride it into the ground and replace the chain and cassette when gears won’t change anymore. I sometimes see cassettes which look like hedgehogs with spikes where the teeth should be , still being ridden..”

Wise advice indeed.

So, I am now on the lookout for old towels. I feel a charity shop visit coming on!

Seasons Greetings and may all your ride be puncture free.


Launch of Cyclescape

Following a meeting this evening, the attendees agreed to use the CycleScape website to log, track and debate localised issues. You should sign up and flag up areas that are of concern to you for local safety or cycle infrastructure issues. We will use this information to formulate our campaign plan for 2014.

We are “claiming” locations up to 10 miles from Ipswich town centre.

Events Reasons to ride

Tour of Britain 2012 – Ipswich again!

Ipswich has again been selected to host a stage of the Tour of Britain this year. The first stage of the tour will begin on Sunday 9th September from the Waterfront in Ipswich. This promises to be a full weekend for both sports and recreational cyclists, as the Ipswich SkyRide will also be held on Sunday 9th September.


Cycle Ipswich will be running a number of cycle trains from various parts of town, into the SkyRide.

Reasons to ride

Ipswich Skyride 2012 – date revealed

Following the success of last year, Skyride is set to announce that the Ipswich Skyride will take place on Sunday 9th September 2012. Find out more at /

Skyride Ipswich
Skyride Ipswich
Events News

Tour of Britain to pass through Ipswich – 17th September 2011

The official Tour of Britain route will pass through Ipswich, and motorcycles mapping out the route have been spotted this week as reported in the Evening Star on Saturday.

Setting off from Bury St Edmunds, the penultimate stage of the tour (Stage 7) will pass through Lavenham, Hadleigh, Ipswich, Helmingham and Diss before heading into Norfolk, finishing at Sandringham.

This exciting spectacle will pass through Ipswich on Saturday September 17th. The route will have the peloton pass down Westerfield Road, past Christchurch Park and then out of town along London Road, finally turning  West towards Hintlesham and beyond.

There is a route map here.


Events News Reasons to ride

Ipswich Skyride on Sunday 12th June

Imagine how great it would be to cycle around Ipswich in a traffic free environment. Well now you can find out. SkyRide is coming to Ipswich this weekend. An organiser told me they are expecting between 5,000 and 10,000 cyclists to congregate in Ipswich town centre on Sunday 12th June.

You can ride any part of the route you want, and possibly meet TV personality Jeff Brazier, Team Sky rider Alex Dowsett and Ross Edgar from the GB cycling team. There will also be related events and trade stands on the Market by Corn Exchange.

If you don’t have a road worthy bike, you can hire one from a variety of sources including the official website, or our very own Bicycle Doctor (see Cycle Shops)

You download the routemap here