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Hi, I’d really like to get support for a campaign to make Chantry Park a cycle route – I have a 1hr20 bike ride from a village on the outskirts of Ipswich & having this as a cut through seems only sensible. I noticed however with shock that the signs say no cycling, I don’t know if this just means the grass, as I can’t see why cyclists can’t, for instance go through the peacemile route [which has no blind corners, a large enough track for cyclists and pedestrians and of which the majority of the route is driveable by cars and I should imagine is classed as a road]. However, this route would need improvement, I don’t own a mountain bike [nor do I wish to as I have shoulder injury that makes it a necessity to have a sit up and beg bike which wouldn’t be able to handle the very bad potholes on the road and the terrible rocks [I can’t call it gravel] that they’ve used on the peacemile]. I think that it would make much more sense for the council [who runs the park] to create a tarmarc’d route all the way through, or atleast to cover the worst areas] just as they have done on the alternative straight route which runs parallel to the house itself and has a gated entrance. I can send more info and maps which highlight the route I mention. I know that funds are tight for councils at the moment, but I’m hoping with a group such as yourselves, we could help to convince them that cycling really is the way forward for the health of the local population & the environment [and people’s pockets with the rise in fuel costs], if Ipswich could become a truly bike friendly town it could bring a lot of publicity, tourists and well being – think Copenhagen…
I have a few other bugbears along my route too which I’d like to mention & which would improve the route no end.
Let me know your thoughts,
Sarah seems on further research they have a cyclo cross event in Chantry Park which seems to rely on various terrain and I can see pictures of cyclists on exactly the piece of the park I mention… So i doubt they’d make this better and more passable seeing as they’re having a new event after the olympics… but it makes me even more confused as to why cyclists aren’t normally allowed through the park as long as they stick to the paths/ tracks and ride with care. I am confused… perhaps you can cycle through the park, but then why does it say no cycling on the signs? There seem to be a lot of other cycling events there too: Any light you can shed on this much appreciated. Have contact council to find out who’s in change of cycle routes too.

Sarah, I think the no cycling signs you refer to are a legacy from the days when parks were fully fenced, gated and manned. If you go in through Hadleigh Road entry, follow the footpath round to the left of the mansion onto the ‘road’ section to the gate opposite Robin Drive, you will not see a subtle No Cycling sign, I do agree though that Chantry Park has the capacity for a cycle route through it at not too much cost…

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