Cycle to school

Cycling has many well known benefits for health, society, economy and the environment to name a few. Physical exercise is not only stimulating but incorporating cycling into your childrens lives will help them tackle childhood obesity, gain confidence and independence.

Perceptions of risk have changed over time. You may be concerned about the safety of taking children onto modern roads.

Studies have shown that cycling in groups leads to reduction in the number of incidents.

If you are a pupil, parent, governor, teacher or other staff member then the following may be of interest. Why don’t you:

  1. Contact Suffolk County Council Road Safety Team regarding Bikeability instruction for your school
  2. Use your school newsletter, noticeboard or email bulletin to appeal for other cyclists to form a School Bike Train at your school
  3. Headteachers may want to update their School Travel Plan to include cycling
  4. Lobby Suffolk County Council for a Sustrans Bike IT officer
  5. Invite a bike mechanic to visit your school to given children and adults some tips on bike servicing
  6. Apply for funding to improve your schools cycling infrastructure.

How to cycle to school

Cycling to Nacton CEVC Primary School

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