Reasons to ride

It’s snow time for my MTB

I may be the only person thinking this way, but I am LOVING this snow fall. First of all, I should say that there has only been a few inches in Suffolk, and that we are not suffering anything like as badly as other parts of the UK.

Earlier this year, I got a GT XC Agressor mountain bike. All summer I’ve been cursing its 2.5″ tires, because of the tremendous rolling resistance. But now the snow has some and I know why those clever folks at GT spec’d as they did. My Trek hybrid, with its skinny 28mm tires, is resting in the garage. For two weeks my MTB has been my main bike, waiting for it to snow….

And now….well what can I say? I am very pleased. I haven’t fallen over once. I only lose traction if I stand up in the saddle and really give it some welly. It turns in snow and on ice like a dream. Venturing off-road for my commute, I cut through the parks of Ipswich.

It’s not going to work – it’s an adventure and I am in control!