Public Meeting 9th October 7.30pm

Cycle Ipswich Public meeting . Open to all. Friends Meeting House Fonnereau Road Ipswich, (opposite the top entrance to the park) , 9th October at 7.30pm in the Collinson Room.

I have just had the room booking confirmed for Thursday October the 9th at 7.30pm.
Let all know about this meeting please.

This is a meeting specifically to find out what people would like to input to Cycle Ipswich cycling route map for Ipswich and surrounding villages.

Bring your ideas !

Best wishes


Sky Ride 9 th September 2012

Sky Ride Sunday 9 th September !
I will be at Alderman Road from 8 am with Cycle Ipswich stand, Pink Sky Cycling also / Karoo Challenge Bicycle Amnesty ( bring along any old unloved bikes ) and Bicycle Doctoring for bikes feeling unwell on the day. If anyone would like to help out please come along ! See you there,…..


KarooChallenge for a town called Montagu

Donation jar .

Thanks to Mary for the idea; I now have a jar for the weekly donation I have decided on to help raise the 4000£ we need to ship out a container load of bikes and parts to Montagu, South Africa. The container will help William and the Bicycling Empowerment Network South Africa set up a new Bicycle Empowerment Centre ( BEC).

Noelle and I are cycling more than 300 miles through the Karoo Desert over 4 mountain passes, hopefully calling in at BECs on the way to raise funds and awareness for BEN and Montagu’s BEC .

You can make one of these at home, without your parents help !

Please start collecting now and let us know at my facebook page , tweet @thebicycldoctor, or Noelle’s facebook is

Or you can donate via , funds will go to

Its a long way to go to 4000£ but I know we can do it !

Thanks very much,




Special Needs Cycling BikeActive

Brilliant charity supported by Sport Relief operating from Alton Water takes people out every Friday .

How to volunteer .

There is a map here

and a news clip on youtube here


Update 26 October 2015: Bike Active now have a website:

News Recycling

Re Cycle your Old Bike

Today I had a great time volunteering at Re-Cycle in Colchester. This was the second day I have spent there lately and today I helped load a 20 foot container with 162 bikes and spares. The container was bound for a new partner project in Tanzania. When I put the seal on the doors at the end it was strange, and very exciting to think that in a short time the doors would be opened in a very different country, a long way away.

There is already a volunteer from Colchester, out in Tanzania, waiting to help set up the project and unload the bikes and spares we crammed in today. The container will also stay there as a workshop and store.

Re-Cycle partners with projects of various types in several African countries. The project might give free or low cost bikes to nurses , health visitors or HIV workers or to school children to help boost their attendance.

The gift of a bike is incredible. Workers can visit remote communities to help people, and students and adults can save valuable cash that they might have had to spend on bush taxis travelling to school and work.

Currently Re-Cycle is in desperate need of bikes. In previous years the Royal Mail donated 2000 old bikes per year. Last year that figure was 65 .

Today we packed 160 odd bikes off. Re-Cycle needs to fill a container every 4-5 weeks with up to 450 bikes ( see photo ) , that is a great number of bikes per year.

I have decided that the best way I can be of help to Re-Cycle is to increase the number of bikes I take down to Colchester.

So if you have a old bike or any bike related bits and bobs( pumps,tools, trailers etc) sitting in a shed somewhere Re-Cycle can send it will be hugely appreciated and make a massive difference. There is no problem persuading people to ride bikes in Africa ( unlike Ipswich ! ), a bike is a very valuable possession. Please ring me or email me if you have any to donate and I will collect asap.

You can see Re-Cycle’s website here