Summary from public meeting on 9th October 2014

First of all Cycle Ipswich would like to thank all 20 people who came along to our open meeting on the 9th October 2014. It was wonderful to see so many new people, who we will hopefully meet or hear from again in the future. The ideas that you wrote on the post-its and the maps were fantastic, and will help to prioritise our campaigning and the creation of some documents to present to the council.

Second, we would like to thank both Ipswich Community Radio, and BBC Radio Suffolk for having us on their breakfast shows. We had several people come along due to the features on the shows.

I’ll give a quick summary of what happened at the meeting for those who couldn’t attend:

First Shaun gave a quick introduction to the Cycle Ipswich organisation, and the meeting.

Post-its from the public meeting
Post-its from the public meeting

Second, attendees split into groups to discuss and write on post-its about the problems with cycling in Ipswich, and write down possible solutions or things they would like to see. This evening (Sunday), a few of the key organisers of the group have sat down to summarise the the information written down. The main general topics that were written down and will be taken forward in campaigning were in no particular order:

  • Width of cycle paths & shared use problems
  • Cycle lanes just ending
  • Physical segregation
  • Longer cycle lanes lead to ASLs
  • Filtered Permeability
  • Pot hole repairs – Campaign on reporting
  • Enforcement – specifically car parking in cycle lanes; car driver education, and aggression; banning of pavement parking; and ASL enforcement
  • Priority across side roads for pavements and cycle paths
A selection of the maps with notes written on them
A selection of the maps with notes written on them

Third, a set of maps were handed out to the groups to draw on where they believe there should be improvements, and what they should be. We will be soon be taking a closer look at these and adding these items to Cyclescape. Everyone is welcome to add more items to Cyclescape to be tracked.

The Fourth and final part of the meeting was a closing discussion with some of the highlights of the discussion. The most memorable remark at the end of the discussion was when someone said it was extremely difficult to know where to start with the drawing on the maps exercise as there are so many roads that have problems for cyclists, and need improvement.

Going forward we have a working group working on a few documents with this information to respond to the Suffolk Cycling Strategy, which lacks key elements expected in a strategy or much ambition; and to produce a 30 year vision similar to Leeds Cycling Campaign. We will be presenting the drafts at the next meeting on Thursday 13th November 2014 at 19:30.


Tell Suffolk County Council that proposed changes at Nacton Road/Ransomes Way don’t give space for cycling

Suffolk Council currently have a consultation for the Nacton Road and Ransomes Way corridors “to meet the projected increase in traffic associated with development in this corridor”. However they haven’t considered cycle traffic. Cycle traffic currently has narrow cycle lanes, or shared use pavement cycling. See our discussion on our Cyclescape group and on our Google group.

The nearby Ravenswood estate (just to the south of the Nacton Road) has one of the highest cycle to school rates in the UK, yet the people who live there don’t cycle to the nearby shopping area due to the inconvenient and scary cycle journey that you have to take. The new plans make this even worse.

Please can everyone write to Suffolk County by emailing before the end of Wednesday 5th March 2014, highlighting the problems that their plans pose for cyclists and pedestrians. Here are some general things that you can mention:

  1. Mixing cyclists and pedestrians on the pavement doesn’t encourage large numbers of people to cycle thus should be avoided. If shared pavement cycling encouraged more people to cycle, then there would be a huge number of people cycling in Ipswich compared to what there currently is. A separate cycle track is much preferred.
  2. Tighter corners are needed to slow vehicles down on the junction to make it safer.
  3. Dog leg crossings need to be replaced with straight across crossing, otherwise cyclists and pedestrians are treated as second class citizens and discourages people from walking and cycling instead of driving.
  4. Crossing multiple traffic lanes is currently problematic at many junctions already, the new plans will make this even more inconvenient and harder with up to 3 lanes.
  5. The new designs will induce even more motor vehicle traffic and reduce cycle and pedestrian traffic.

Shaun McDonald has published a blog post containing his response, which you can use as further inspiration.

Consultation Ipswich - transport fit for 21st century

Please fill in survey to support Queen St/Princes St/St Nicholas St Travel Ipswich improvements

Please fill in survey to support Queen St/Princes St/St Nicholas St Travel Ipswich improvements

Currently Travel Ipswich have a consultation running on the Queen Street, Princes Street, and St Nicholas Street area to extend the current pedestrian zone, including allowing cycling. Loading bays are provided. We would like as many people as possible to support the proposals. We would thoroughly encourage you to support the additional cycle parking and the zebra crossing at Friars Street. There is an example response available on Cyclescape.

The consultation will run be available to view in the Town Hall until Saturday 1st March, so you only have a couple of days to respond view it there. The consultation survey is available until Saturday 15th March. It is a fairly simple survey, which only takes 5 minutes to fill in, so please do so. The more people who write in supporting the proposals, will help with the implementation. The full plans and the link to the survey are available on the Travel Ipswich website.

There are more consultations coming up, watch this space.